What McDonalds toy can I get with my Happy Meal this month?


Kids can get a new free toy with their burgers this month after McDonald’s updated its Happy Meal theme.

fast food The chain is famous for its small size Mackie’s box that contains a baby food and a toy.


McDonald’s releases a new Happy Meal toy every month of the yearcredit: Rex

toys on offer McDonald’s Change regularly, so kids can enjoy a different treat each time they visit.

You can currently get a Superpet themed Happy Meal with a free book where you can read about the adventure of the furry friends of DC Super Hero League.

The range will be available with kids meals till June 28.

You can pick up a McDonald’s Happy Meal for around £2.59, depending on where you are, and if you order at a branch or for delivery.

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Meal-Wise you can choose from Hamburgers, Cheese Burgers, Fish Fingers, Veggie Dippers or four McNuggets.

And a Happy Meal also comes with a drink and a side, which is either fries or a bag of carrots or fruit.

What kids toy can I get with McDonald’s Happy Meals this month?

Kids can currently get Superpets books from your Happy Meal.

The series is based on pets belonging to the DC League of Superheroes, including Super Man.

There are many books to collect, including Exodus of Krypto the Superdog, Merten the Turtle, and more.

You can also download activity sheets including Maze, Dot to Dot, Word Search and Coloring in Sheets.

This range will be available till June 28.

McDonald’s has yet to reveal whether it’s the next line-up for Happy Meal boxes after the Superpets version is out.

Recent freebies include Sonic the Hedgehog, and DreamWorks Happy Meals with characters from the Madagascar movie or Shrek.

Book worms were delighted with the Happy Meal Treat in March, as McDonald’s gave away free book tokens for World Book Day.

In past promotions, Mackie’s fans get a Mr. Men or a little toy in their Happy Meal box.

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There were two books and 50 plush toys to choose from, including favorite characters like Little Miss Sunshine and Mr. Grumpy.

All toy options are now 100% sustainable after McDonald’s declares remove all non-durable plastic From Happy Meal.

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