You’re the record holder if you can spot the blue-eyed fox in this optical illusion in under 25 seconds

One monster sticks out as the sole one lacking brown eyes among the creatures of the optical illusion.

While it would seem simple to locate, optical illusion enthusiasts have been left perplexed by their inability to find the fox in less than 25 seconds.

The clever minds behind the puzzle, Book an Eye Test, claim that it takes an average of 1 minute and 13 seconds to solve.

However, one quick player was able to distinguish the special fox from its rivals in just 25 seconds.

It means that if you manage to locate the blue-eyed animal within this period, you will hold the record.

People's brains have been boggled by a bizarre visual trick that uses images of Barack Obama, Kanye West, and Adele.

The group's faces are shown to be upside down, but as you turn your phone around, everything starts to look a little strange.

If you can solve this tricky brainteaser and locate the pair of skis in under 28 seconds, you can also claim to be the fastest person ever.