Woman freezes her grandmother to collect her Social Security payment

A York woman was given an 11–23 month jail term by a judge last week. Additionally, a two-year probationary period.

She received this punishment for placing her grandma in the freezer for a period of 15 years while she was receiving Social Security benefits.

Amazingly, she managed to defraud the Social Security Administration during that time and collect a sizable sum of money each month.

When Black's grandmother passed away, he placed her in the basement freezer so that he could continue to collect Social Security.

He didn't do it due to money difficulties, as his lawyers contended, but rather issues brought on by mental illness.

Although the exact cause of death is uncertain, Cynthia Black undoubtedly had her grandma in the freezer while she was collecting this Social Security check for 15 years.

The judge is unsure of what to make of Black's decision to put her grandmother's remains in the freezer rather than dispose of it even after she moved.