Why You Need To Stop Closing Apps On Your Android Phone

Android has constantly become more resource-intensive in terms of a phone's memory (RAM) and storage.

Because of this, closing any open apps has been the norm for handling bad performance on Android smartphones.

The justification for this strategy is simple: closing apps frees up resources on the phone and speeds up the performance of other apps.

However, that notion has been disproved, and the reality is that you do not commonly need to close programs on your Android phone or tablet.

In reality, closing apps on your Android device can make it run slower rather than faster.

There are some widely accepted misconceptions about the advantages of closing apps, not just on Android phones.

These are generally misconceptions, but not for all cellphones. One is that turning off apps makes the battery last longer.

In reality, Android has taken measures to optimize energy utilization, so disabling background apps won't always result in significant power savings.