What you see in this frog-horse optical illusion can reveal your personality type

This froggy artwork is apparently revealing people's characteristics by how quickly they solve it, and viewers are working hard to figure it out.

This hopscotch illusion first gained popularity in 2006, but it has lately come back into fashion thanks to the current optical illusion trend.

You can see a photo of a frog below, but if you look closely, you can also see an entirely different picture! reads the image's caption in Mind Journal for the amphibious one.

On first glance, the picture appears to show Kermit floating in a pond without any other creatures nearby.

However, if the spectator turns their head or phone sideways, the frog morphs into a horse, with the love handles on its head serving as its eyes and the mane of the horse's legs imitating the legs of the pond hopper.

This deception appears to be more complex than a simple picture puzzle. Seabiscuit-spotting viewers are said to have a "feeling of drive" and a "free spirit," according to Mind Journal.

You have the ability to notice even the smallest details and can find anything since a horse is a symbol of power.

This is not the first perception test that purports to offer up hints about a person's character.