Walmart and Target's Latest Inventory Issue Will Benefit Shoppers

Customers will benefit from the retailer's issues since they will be able to save more money.

Factory closures were caused by pandemic supply chain concerns, resulting in shortages at all of the well-known supermarkets and other retailers.

After the initial commencement of COVID-19, everything are back up and running for the second summer.

Some stores are experiencing the polar opposite of a limited supply, which is actually beneficial to customers.

Two of the major retailers are attempting to get rid of surplus inventory by slashing prices and holding specials.

Walmart, too, has had to deal with an overstock of merchandise.

On May 17, during the company's earnings call, executives discussed what to do with the inventory.

Walmart is currently in a "brief period of rightsizing," according to Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Brett Biggs.

This allows the organization to maintain its focus on promoting itself as a customer-centric location.