WA license plates to get more expensive July 1

Drivers will have to pay extra for a Washington license plate at the end of this week.

As elements of a new $17 billion package to support transportation in the state begin to take effect, it's likely to be the change that people will notice the most.

The cost of a new license plate will increase from $10 to $50 on Friday, while the cost of replacing a lost license plate will jump from $10 to $30.

A motorcycle license plate will now cost $20 instead of $4, and a replacement will cost $12 instead of $4.

Furthermore, the cost of a temporary registration for a car bought from a dealer will increase from $15 to $40.

When out-of-state vehicles register in Washington for the first time, a fee known as the "stolen vehicle check fee" that is assessed will increase from $15 to $50.

The state's motor vehicle fund, which is utilized for repairs on the state's roads and highways, has received funds from license-plate payments.

The extra money collected from the fees that go into force this week will be put into a fund specifically designated for the new transportation package's projects.