USA finance and payments live updates: mortgage rates, Bitcoin prices, S.S. disability, unemployment benefits…

On Sunday, the national average for gas was $4.90. Where is it most expensive in the nation?

Companies like Netflix, Meta, Apple, and Nike will cover employees' abortion-related travel expenses.

Before a record-breaking Fourth of July travel weekend, the high cost of gasoline could present problems.

A three-month federal gas tax break is being pushed by President Biden in Congress.

If hurricane season affects US oil refineries, an energy expert warns of "apocalyptic" petrol prices.

The Biden administration promises to forgive 200,000 debtors' $6 billion in student loan debt.

Since the majority of COVID-19 restrictions were lifted last year, businesses have been able to resume full operations, which has greatly improved the US economy.

With new money flooding the market, one factor contributing to the current high rate of inflation is the reopening of enterprises and return to pre-pandemic conditions.