USA finance and payments live updates: mortgage rates, Bitcoin prices, S.S. disability, unemployment benefits…

With markets down 20% since January, the first half of 2022 has been the worst half year start in decades.

There are growing worries that the expensive housing market is forming a bubble.

There is "no guarantee" from the Federal Reserve that raising interest rates won't result in higher unemployment.

Since January, Bitcoin has lost half of its value; it is currently trading at $19,185.49.

On Capitol Hill, a fresh plan to boost Social Security payouts by $2,400 annually is being discussed.

Argentina's economy is already in trouble, and in the near future, inflation is predicted to rise to levels higher than 70%.

Reduce the pump price to reflect the price you are actually paying for the product. And do it right away," he urged in a weekend tweet.

A recession would not always occur if the GDP fell again unless there were significant job losses in the economy.