This is the date of the July 2022 Social Security Income (SSI) payment

In the United States, Social Security benefits are provided so that everyone has enough money to live on. This Social Security benefit may be received for retirement, disability, or widowhood.

This benefit is also available to blind persons. However, some persons may also be eligible for another payout.

Supplemental Security Income (SSI), which aids those with reduced monthly incomes, is that payout.

The precise day of the July 2022 SSI payout is the following Friday. It is July 1, 2022, this Friday.

The payment date varies when the first of the month falls on a holiday or weekend, but this time there is no issue with this circumstance.

You will also receive your payment on July 1 if you started receiving Social Security benefits before to May 1997.

The maximum monthly federal payments for 2022 are $421 for an essential person, $841 for an eligible individual, and $1,261 for an eligible individual with a spouse.

This implies that whether you apply alone or with a partner will affect the ultimate SSI benefit amount.