The wearable tech revolution won’t look like the Apple Watch

Salvi told us, "I believe the wearable's function is changing. "It's really only now starting to become evident what we need it for and how we intend to use it.

Even though wearable technology is still very new, consumers are already noticing some significant health advantages.

And [wearables] will signify something new as [health tracking] grows better and better.

The way we perceive usefulness and experience will alter as they develop.

Salvi has a deep understanding of the market because to her experience working at one of the most well-known wearable technology companies.

But she had an unconventional beginning to her life in the wearables industry.

She said, "I joined Fitbit as the team's fourth attorney, but I've wanted to switch over to the business side for a really long time.

Although I liked working there as a lawyer, I wanted to do more to advance the company's growth and product strategy.