The PRC’s satellite programme: A growing threat

When the Russian Federation was able to shut down its internet, Tarlink gave the Ukrainians new hope.

It made it possible for Ukraine to maintain contact with the outside world and utilize satellite technology for military operations.

These include the use of drones that can carry explosives. The People's Republic of China has expressed alarm over these developments as well (PRC).

The PRC has started investigating the business for potential ties to the US military. Even if the PRC has a similar satellite internet program, this is the situation.

The PRC's goal for building out its space infrastructure uses a "explicitly civil-military integration strategy."

Digital connectivity has benefited a variety of businesses and people. The start of this new revolution has also brought attention to the historical access inequities.

The Digital Silk Road (DSR) initiative of the PRC supposedly made an effort to address this.

The initiative claims to have given "broadband Internet connectivity to 6 million households,...serving more than 900 million local people" in impoverished nations like Africa.