The Marvellous Picture Where It's Near Impossible to Identify an Owl

Nature is a wonder that few people take the time to appreciate. Many of us have busy lives and tend to focus the majority of our time on work or school.

It's amazing enough that photographer Larry Lynch was able to take a picture.

The night sky is in the owls' hands. They pursue their prey by flying stealthily and hiding themselves.

You need eagle sharp eyes to see the owl that has hidden itself in the tree bark in this photo taken by a Florida photographer.

The color of the bark has entirely captured the attention of the owl perched in the tree. It is quite impossible to tell it apart from the tree.

Nearly no one can see the creature at first, but with diligent observation, people may determine where the bird is.

One can only speculate as to how photographer Larry Lunch was able to take such a sharp picture of such a beautiful scene.

The owl's photo was captured in low light using a method that is occasionally employed in portrait photography studios.