Texas-made Tesla Model Y with 4680 battery charges 0-97% in under 1 hour

A charging session for a Texas-built Tesla Model Y with 4680 battery cells took 52 minutes to complete from 0% to 97 %.

Ryan Levenson of The Kilowatts, a proponent of Tesla who owns many electric vehicles that he rents out on Turo, just acquired possession of a Dual Motor Model Y produced in Texas.

The car has the business's much anticipated 4680 battery cells, just like a Texas-based Model Y that the disassembly company Munro & Associates bought.

He actually drove the Texas-built Model Y until its battery indicated that car had no more miles to go, as the Tesla owner remarked on Twitter.

Social media posts claimed that the car went three miles beyond its "0 mile" mark with no apparent change in acceleration.

Levenson anticipated having to wait a little while in the car while the battery charged after plugging into a Supercharger V3 station.

The Texas-built crossover's battery was plugged in at 12:25 a.m. with 0 miles of range left and was unplugged at 1:17 a.m. with 270 miles of range.

Given that the vehicle began its charging session when it was officially "empty," charging from 0% to 97% in 52 minutes is really astounding.