Tesla Megapack batteries are starting to live up to their promise

Tesla presented the Megapack as a battery that would make conventional coal- and gas-fired peaker plants obsolete when it first debuted it

Tesla Megapacks have been used all over the world since their launch in 2019 and are now beginning to fulfill their potential.

Megapacks could carry out activities that are generally reserved for peaker plants because they are grid-scale batteries.

Since peaker plants are only activated to supply additional energy when demand for electricity spikes, they are typically idle for the majority of the day.

Megapacks are significantly cleaner than peaker plants and can support the grid just as well, if not better.

Many well-known grid-scale battery initiatives make use of Tesla Megapacks.

The 182.5 MW/ 730 MWh Elkhorn Battery in Moss Landing, which is powered by Tesla, is made up of 256 Megapack batteries.

The fact that Tesla is not the only business creating utility-scale batteries is pretty intriguing. Samsung and LG, two other battery manufacturers, have already constructed plants of a comparable size.