Tesla Giga Shanghai to complete Model Y and Model 3 line upgrades early August

Tesla China aims to produce one million vehicles annually, as evidenced by the company's plans to modernize its Model Y and Model 3 production lines in July.

According to recent reports, the improvements to Giga Shanghai should be finished in the first few days of August.

In terms of the company's overall output of vehicles, Tesla China already contributes significantly.

Deliveries at Giga Shanghai totaled 484,130 automobiles in just one year, a 235 percent increase from the previous year. This amounted to more than half of Tesla's anticipated global deliveries in 2021.

Bloomberg claimed that the improvements to the Gigafactory Shanghai are anticipated to increase Model Y production to around 14,000 units per week, citing people who are purportedly acquainted with the situation.

On the other hand, it is anticipated that Tesla Model 3 production would rise to 7,700 units each week.

Gigafactory Shanghai was reportedly generating 11,000 Model Y and 5,500 Model 3 units per week prior to the most recent round of Covid-19 lockdowns in China.

According to the publication's sources, Tesla China eventually intends to reach a production pace of 1 million vehicles annually.