Teens charge as much as $70 per hour for summer jobs due to labour shortage

In the busy dining area of the now-closed power-crowd landmark Babette's in East Hampton, Alex Bank worked nine-hour hours as a busboy last summer.

The job, which earned $17 an hour, was occasionally stressful but developed character, according to Bank. And the bills were barely paid.

He would wind up working extra hours to satisfy his passion of lobster rolls at East Hampton Grill or to afford the occasional sushi dinner. Or maybe he could approach his parents for money.

Basketball coach Alex Bank can charge up to $70 per hour for his services. He worked at a restaurant last summer and earned less than $20 per hour.

With lucrative jobs he discovered on Teen Hampton, a teen-run organization started by 16-year-old Gabe Jaffe, he is working smarter this summer rather than harder.

Jaffe still makes $52.50 per hour instructing basketball for youngsters after Bank pays his 25 percent cut to Jaffe, more than tripling his hourly compensation from the position last summer.

For seasonal workers who are making extra money this summer, sixteen has never been sweeter on their savings accounts.