Tax pros ‘very skeptical’ about expanded IRS voice bots for payments plans

According to the IRS, newly expanded voice bots may result in quicker phone service if you receive a tax bill and need assistance from the agency to set up a payment plan.

However, some tax experts have their doubts about the new strategy to cut wait times.

IRS voice bots powered by artificial intelligence are now available by phone to help taxpayers set up or modify payment plans.

According to the National Taxpayer Advocate, the official average phone wait time in 2021 was 23 minutes.

However, the firm has had personnel issues as well as an increase in call volume.

One of the biggest problems, according to the National Taxpayer Advocate, is the agency's phone service, which it said only answered 11% of calls in fiscal year 2021.

When the IRS sends you a bill, you can phone the organization and follow the voice-prompted instructions to confirm your identification.

The bots may offer payment plan choices and help set one up if you provide the caller ID from your IRS letter.

According to IRS officials, you may be eligible to use the program if your tax bill is $25,000 or less, which is the limit for most IRS payment plans.