Solar flare predicted to hit Earth TODAY causing geomagnetic storm and radio blackouts

We may have a geomagnetic storm-causing event today that is similar to the massive outflow of solar pStorys that struck Earth yesterday.

NOAA forecasters estimate there is a 25% possibility of M-class solar flares today, according to the specialists at

The sunspot AR3031, which possesses an unstable "beta-gamma" magnetic field, would be the most likely cause.

Any flares produced by the sunspot will be geoeffective because it is facing Earth.

"Geoeffective" refers to the ability of something to cause a geomagnetic disruption, such as a solar storm.

The Earth may experience brief radio blackouts at the poles if an M-class flare, which is thought to be of medium strength, strikes our planet.

Geomagnetic solar storms can also be brought on by them.

The Northern Lights and other beautiful natural light displays are brought on by these geomagnetic storms, which has certain advantages.

When the Earth's magnetic field is bombarded by the solar wind, beautiful green and blue displays, such as the Northern Lights, are the result.