Stimulus Checks: Which States Are Sending Tax Rebates to Residents?

One state, California, is providing qualifying taxpayers with up to $1,050 in "inflation relief" payments.

By 2023, the payments, which will be made using money from California's $97 billion budget surplus, would be made via debit cards or direct installments

Colorado residents who filed their 2021 tax return by June 30 will receive a check for $750, and joint filers will receive a tax rebate check for $1,500.

A bill authorizing $300 stimulus cheques for residents of Delaware who have submitted their 2020 tax forms was approved by Gov. John Carney in April.

A law providing reimbursements to taxpayers who have submitted their state returns for both 2020 and 2021 was approved by Georgia Governor Brian Kemp in March.

Hawaii residents will receive a $300 tax credit this year if their income was under $100,000 in 2021.

Brad Little, the governor of Idaho, signed a bill in February providing each taxpayer and dependant with $75 or, in the event that it is more, 12 percent of their 2020 state income tax return.

Maine,A tax refund check for $850 is available to residents who have filed their state tax return for 2021. Mid-July is when checks are anticipated to start showing up.

Tim Walz, the governor of Minnesota, has proposed a $1,000 per person and $2,000 per marriage income tax credit for those making less than $165,000 and $275,000, respectively.