Stimulus Check Update: Is White House Looking to Send More Money?

TESS has once more found success. Two additional super-Earths have been discovered orbiting a star only 33 light-years away by NASA's planet-hunting probe.

Senior White House staffers recently reviewed a plan to distribute petrol rebate cards to American households after the government rejected the idea months ago, according to The Washington Post.

The Biden administration is reportedly exploring rebate cards, according to a story from Fox Business and an anonymous official quoted by The Washington Post.

Officials are apparently worried that customers will use the cards for transactions other than gas, which is one issue.

The other is that current chip shortages may make it difficult to physically produce the cards.

The fact that stimulus checks have been named as one of the contributing elements to the current, skyrocketing inflation is another problem with them.

The Federal Reserve on Wednesday announced its largest interest rate hike in 28 years in an effort to better balance the supply and demand ratio.