Starbucks to close 5 Seattle stores over safety concerns

As part of a sweeping push to improve security at the cafes, Starbucks will close six locations in the Puget Sound region where the firm claims crime rates have increased recently.

In the Central Area, on Capitol Hill, and in the Roosevelt neighborhood of Seattle, five stores will close.

Additionally, there are ones in Everett, Westlake Center, and Union Station. By July 31st, the company will shutter 16 U.S. locations altogether, it was reported on Monday.

According to a corporate spokeswoman, the closure choices were made based on the quantity of crime-related complaints that were reported at each location and the effectiveness of efforts to reduce those rates.

Future locations will be rebuilt for safety, and store managers will be able to decide whether bathrooms are accessible to the general public, according to the business.

Drug usage, theft, and assault are some of the safety issues, according to a Starbucks spokeswoman.

Along with the business at 11802 Evergreen Way in Everett, the following Seattle establishments will close:1600 E. Olive Way, 2300 S. Jackson St., 6417 Roosevelt Way N.E., 505 Fifth Avenue S.,Pine Street, 400.

Before closing those locations, Starbucks must engage in collective bargaining with the staff at Union Station and East Olive Way, according to Bray.