Starbucks CEO on store closings: 'There are going to be many more'

Starbucks may still be closing locations due to safety issues.

We have started closing stores "Interim CEO Howard Schultz stated in a video last week that the reason was safety concerns.

This is only the start. There will be a great deal more.

Starbucks announced last week that it will be closing 16 locations due to safety issues.

Senior vice presidents of US operations Debbie Stroud and Denise Nelson described in an open letter the steps Starbucks is doing to make locations safer.

Employees include "personal safety, racism, lack of access to healthcare, a worsening mental health crisis, escalating drug usage, and other issues that affect our communities firsthand.

According to Schultz's video, which Insider published first, the endeavor to make workers feel safer might lead to more closures.

The emphasis on safety is a part of Schultz's larger initiatives to transform the business as it fights off a burgeoning unionization movement.