SpaceX Starship booster explodes during prototype test, NASA releases images from Webb telescope

Now, if you're one of Elon Musk's nine children, there's some good news. When it comes to how he responds when his own creations let him down, Dad is quite laid-back.

As an illustration, consider Elon's response when a SpaceX rocket caught fire during a ground test firing on Monday.

Okay, so this might make Elon's aspirations to put the Starship into orbit this year more difficult.

On the other hand, NASA's James Webb telescope offers the globe the world's most in-depth and precise view of the far-off universe.

When you think about how much we still don't know about the universe, I believe it simply makes you feel very insignificant.

And when you compare some of these earlier images that we took with the Hubble telescope to what we are currently able to observe with the James Webb Deep Space Telescope, I believe.

Yes, it is amazing. I mean, it demonstrates how stars are made. Even though I'm not a great space or scientific nerd, I find gazing at these pictures to be quite cool.

Tens of billions of dollars over budget and decades late, this telescope has generated some controversy. However, it seems like I finally get it now. It worked out.