SILVER LINING Rare 50p coin sells for £185 on eBay and there are THOUSANDS more in circulation – do you have one in your wallet?

Because it's not your average 50p coin, purchasers are often willing to pay hundreds of pounds for a duplicate.

It's known as the Kew Gardens 50p, and it's named after the iconic London attraction of the same name.

A image of the gardens, notably the Chinese pagoda that stands proudly at the center of the tourist destination that has been open for over 250 years, is depicted on the reverse side of the coin.

The Kew Gardens 50p piece generally sells for between £150.89 and £161.50, according to Coin Hunter analysts, therefore this variant has sold for more than the average.

However, the good news for aspiring collectors is that there are hundreds more in circulation, so despite its rarity, one might easily turn up in your change.

During its initial release in 2009, a total of 210,000 coins with the unusual design were struck.

Even if there are a lot of them, the mintage is far lower than for other uncommon designs in circulation.

As a result, according to both The Royal Mint and Change Checker, the 50p is one of the most sought after coins.

A total of 14 bids were placed on the coin, as collectors competed to claim it as their own.

Error coins are still legal cash, so even if they seem strange, there's a good chance they'll show up in your change.