SILVER LINING I found a $10,000 coin collection including pennies and quarters in a storage unit – do you have any in your wallet?

Finding a sizable collection might bring in a lot of money because coin collectors are willing to pay hundreds or thousands for some coins.

Finding significant coins in massive currency hoards can be tiresome, but fortunately for Dan, the previous owner of the unit appeared to be a conscientious coin collector and cataloger.

Many of the coins came in filled rolls or booklets, and the boxes were labeled as dimes, nickels, pennies, and half dollars so Dan could rapidly sort and calculate the approximate value of his finds.

Dan also discovered some other priceless treasures when searching the locker's contents, including an unopened crock pot and a Sega Genesis gaming system.

Dan discovered several coins from the 1960s and 1970s, including a large number of 1976 bicentennial coins, but he also discovered older antiques, including pennies from the 1920s.

Dan estimated that he had enough money to cover the $3,000 unit cost on the face value of his coins alone after finding thousands of pieces of change.

Full rolls of dime coins from before 1960, when silver was still a significant component of the currency, were some of his most priceless discoveries.

The current value of a dime ranges from $1 to $3, but as many commenters on the video noted, a roll of 50 silver dimes can bring in hundreds.