Scientists Update Course Of Asteroid Headed Towards Earth

It seems like we are constantly hearing about wayward asteroids that are heading straight for Earth.

However, that could be because a ton of intelligent individuals are keeping an eye on these actions to warn the public in case we all need to take cover or, worse yet, say farewell to our lives.

The latter may sound a little grim, but some of these asteroids are large enough to entirely destroy the planet.

Thankfully, the most recent 2021 QM1, which was initially expected to strike the globe sometime in 2052, has been lowered to a "near miss" situation.

Even while it would seem a little absurd to imagine an asteroid striking Earth in 2052, the 2021 QM1 might have catastrophic effects.

According to reports, the asteroid has a diameter of 150 feet or 50 meters. It would have the same force as six tons of TNT should it make contact.

That would be 400 times more potent than the atomic bombs that were dropped on Hiroshima, to put it in perspective.

That would undoubtedly be more than enough to completely destroy a sizable metropolis. Over a remote area of Siberia, a 12-megaton asteroid had collided with Earth.