Rare Lincoln penny sells for $2,230 online – see what you need to find

Victor Brenner created this 1955 double die obverse Lincoln wheat cent, which was struck in Philadelphia.

In 1909, Mr. Brenner created the coin to mark Abraham Lincoln's 100th birthday.

Lincoln's head is depicted on the coin's obverse, and two wheat stalks are seen on the reverse.

This specific penny's lack of a mint mark often increases its value.

After receiving 22 bids, the coin sold on eBay for an amazing $2,230.

An error that takes place during the strike procedure is referred to as a double die.

The picture or phrase is embedded by striking the metal pieces used to produce the coin's characteristics several times.

The characters, numbers, and images on some coins, however, are stamped again in slightly different locations when the die strike is out of alignment.