Rare Jefferson nickel with double error sells for $300

A FIVE-CENT coin from the 1940s was sold for $300 on the internet.

Because it has a twofold die mistake, collectors were ready to pay so much for this 1943 nickel.

Coin dies, the metal objects used to stamp emblems on coins, usually hit coins several times to embed the picture or inscription.

Doubled die mistakes happen when the die for one side of the coin is misaligned after the initial striking, resulting in marks that are out of place.

The Philadelphia Mint utilized an off-kilter die to stamp the obverse, or heads, side of nickels in 1943.

As a result, the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) estimates that around 35,000 doubled die nickels, like as this one, were made incorrectly.

The 1943-P dual die nickel is worth a lot of money.

The 1943-P is the only Jefferson nickel with obverse doubling. While other well-known doubled die nickels have doubling on the reverse, or tails side of the coin, the 1943-P is the only one with obverse doubling.