Rare circulated quarter sells for $3,348 online – why it’s worth so much and how to spot one in your coin jar

A quarter that was struck in San Francisco in 1901 recently sold for $3,348 on eBay following a heated bidding war.

In honor of Charles E. Barber, who created 25-cent coins from 1892 to 1916, this vintage coin is a member of the Barber quarter series.

Barber quarters are recognized for their 13 stars on both the front and back of the coin, as well as for the obverse side of the coin, which features Lady Liberty standing to the right and with a laurel wreath.

Depending on the mint year and locality, some Barber quarters have tremendous value to collectors even more than 100 years after they were no longer in circulation.

The 1901-S quarter, for example, is a key date Barber piece, making it more difficult to locate than other coins in their series.

According to the Barber Coin Collector's Society, there are three important date Barber quarters that are sought after by collectors (BCCS).

Barber coins produced in San Francisco in 1896 and 1913, as well as the 1901-S, are incredibly precious.

1901-S Barber quarters in excellent condition can fetch more than $40,000, as evidenced by the AU-55 coin that sold for $43,000 in 2021.