Rand Paul blames McConnell over Biden's decision to pull back on conservative judge

Paul said to CNN that McConnell never sought his input before agreeing to select Chad Meredith to the position with Biden

Democrats who were worried about Meredith's anti-abortion views were relieved when the White House stated it wouldn't designate Meredith to the position without Paul's endorsement since he lacked support from home-state senators.

Without consulting me, McConnell struck his covert agreement with the White House, Paul remarked on Monday.

We just stated that while we are not opposed to Meredith, McConnell will at the most least talk about it with his other state senator.

Paul, who said the FBI informed him of the Meredith selection, continued, "I think McConnell is ultimately to accountable for destroying this thing because he tried to do it covertly.

Democrats learned about it in the state and attempted to pull it off covertly even from his Republican rival.

Paul's stance infuriated McConnell, he revealed last week, according to The New York Times.

Paul's viewpoint is "simply totally meaningless," he continued, adding that the whole effect of this has been to block me from getting my sort of judge out of a liberal Democratic president.

Regarding Paul's comments, McConnell's office chose not to respond.

Paul declared that he was "quite receptive" to the Meredith selection and that he might have backed him had McConnell handled the situation differently.