QUIDS IN Rare error £2 coin sells for whopping £450 on eBay – is one hiding in your change?

Due to a serious flaw, the little change seems to be all one color, which is unusual for £2 coins and has caught the interest of avid collectors.

There were as many as 21 people who competed on the internet auction site eBay to claim the rare edition as their own.

Last month, the virtual hammer fell on the rare coin's listing.

Bidding began at £20, but it only took DAYS for enthusiastic coin collectors to boost the stakes and settle on a final bid of £450.

A £2 is worth just that on any other day.

But this coin shouldn't appear like it does: instead of a silver middle and a golden outside rim, it's all gold, and it's certainly one-of-a-kind.

However, it isn't distinct enough to go unnoticed in the midst of other people's transformations.

A rare copy could be hiding in your pocket, and finding it could mean you're in for a windfall.

Just months ago, a coin similar to it sold for £255 - or 130 times its face value.

Error coins are still legal cash, so even if they seem strange, there's a good chance they'll show up in your change.