Optical Illusion: Mermaid or fish and 7 other intriguing optical illusions and mind-boggling illustrations

Viewers are presented with an image of a pink stencil design of what might be numerous different species in the so-called mermaid or fish optical illusion.

"If you're right-brained, you'll see a fish," the caption infers.

You will see a mermaid if you have a left brain.

People who are labeled "right-brained" and see a fish in the drawing are considered to be more imaginative, sensitive, and intuitive.

While individuals who are supposedly "left-brained" are claimed to be more logical, analytical, and attentive to what is happening inside of themselves as opposed to outside of them.

However, many people who are viewing the image for the first time are faced with what appears to be a donkey or seal design, which has confused many social media users.

The deception itself is similar to those established by Joseph Jastrow, a Polish-American "pop" psychologist.

who, in the early 20th century, used entertainment to make science and psychology more palatable and approachable to the American people.

The mermaid or fish illusion is one optical illusion that is frequently linked to or indicated with the right-brained or left-brained idea.