Optical Illusion IQ Test: Can You Spot A Lollipop Hidden Among Ice Creams In 48 seconds?

On a hot, sunny day, who does not enjoy ice cream? Ice cream sales have increased dramatically in the last year due to global warming as well.

But what if you can't give your kid any ice cream? Are you able to give him a lollipops? You'll need to locate one here, though.

Here's a bizarre optical illusion that depicts a lollipop tucked away amid the ice cream cones. Simply find it before 48 seconds to win.

Only 1% of those with the highest IQs were able to find this optical illusion image, which has gone viral on the internet.

Since it is difficult for anyone to look at the photo without drooling over the ice cream, you also need excellent visual skills to locate the lollipops.

"Took 2 seconds to find the lollipop but spent 3 minutes giggling at the horrified 2 cones and the one licking them," one of them stated.

Almost 4,000 people immediately took the optical illusion test after the picture was uploaded.

A another person commented, "The green ice cream in the upper left corner with the enormous cheerful face has captured my eye. I am unable to look away from it to find the lollipops.