Optical Illusion: Faces you see first tell a lot about your personality

You can determine if you are a detail-oriented person by looking at the above image of an old man and an old woman with faces hidden inside the photo.

This visual trick reveals some intriguing aspects of your personality.

This optical illusion published by "The Minds Journal," which is intended to determine whether you are a detail-oriented person, shows five persons.

a picture of an elderly couple

A guy and a woman are in the foreground and an elderly couple is hidden within the picture.

In the background, there is another woman.

When you first notice the image of an elderly couple, you have a bigger perspective on life and are less likely to get distracted by unimportant details, which makes you an obvious leader.

If you've noticed the older couple's visage bearing the likeness of a woman wearing a sombrero and a man strumming a guitar.

You have outstanding attention to detail if you can also see the woman in the background behind the guitarist on the right.