Optical Illusion: Do the squares in the picture appear to be moving or not?

The optical illusion of the day is mind-boggling and will leave viewers perplexed. Colored squares appear to move or not move in this brilliant illusion. Take a look at the illustration.

Viewers were perplexed as to whether the colored squares appeared to be moving or not in this stunning piece of art. This optical illusion image is a static image that deceives the eye.

As seen in the illustration, the colors and forms interact with one another, deceiving the brain. Examine the image more closely to see if the colored squares are moving or not.

The interest with optical illusions has lasted for millennia. They were described by Greek philosophers, especially Plato, as pranks played on us by our senses and intellect.

By the nineteenth century, well-known cartoonist W.E. Hill took use of optical illusions by sketching a picture that was actually two images at the same time.

Your perception determined the person or image you saw. The term "tricks of the eye" refers to optical illusions.

This illusion was devised by Professor Akiyoshi Kitaoka, a Japanese psychology researcher, who claims that the design is supposed to create a wavy appearance.

After closer inspection, the image reveals pink and white shapes on lime or sea-green squares, which is both lovely and perplexing.

Despite being structured in straight lines, the art frequently appears curved or even animated to onlookers.