Only 0.1% of people can find numbers in this mind-bending optical illusion

Did you think being one of the top 1% of enthusiasts for optical illusions was impressive?

Only 0.1 percent of people can apparently answer this numerical eye exam, so puzzle fans are going crazy trying to figure it out.

The frustrating video jigsaw was posted to TikTok for the first time in April, but it's currently exploding up as users try to solve it.

The eye-catching picture appears to simply display the numerals 6, 8, 4, and 1 on the surface.

The "literal image," which is defined as combining tiny images to make a larger one, however, on closer study, it becomes evident that there are far more numbers hiding within.

Unfortunately, even the most observant TikTok users had trouble finding all 10 integers, and many of them came up with wildly dissimilar solutions.

The number five, which, according to some puzzlers, is made "by the gorilla as he starts swinging his right arm," is said to have been the one that viewers had the most difficulty spotting.

One even made the joke that there are far more than 10 numbers after spotting the "infinite" symbol.