Old Nissan Leaf becomes affordable road trip after 160-mile battery upgrade

With the rising used car prices and soaring demand for electric automobiles.

Some people might believe that the concept of a sub-20,000 dollar EV with a driving range of more than 70 miles is merely a pipe dream.

However, one Reddit user shared their purchase and use of a first-generation Nissan Leaf, which gets more than twice the vehicle's original claimed range of 70 miles.

It's a sleeper for sure, but the silver 2013 Nissan Leaf shared by user sctbke is also reasonably priced.

When considering purchasing a new car, the Reddit user writes in their post.

They discovered a business in Portland, Oregon called EV Rides that would retrofit batteries from newer models into older Nissan Leafs.

A variety of battery options are available from the company, including the original 24 kWh battery, a 30 kWh/40 kWh/pack, and even a 62 kWh battery.

According to the website, this enables the original Leaf to have up to 230 miles of range on a single charge.

The Leaf can still travel 90 to 100 miles on its 30 kWh battery pack or 150 to 160 miles on its 40 kWh battery with even the more modest modifications.