New Apple Leak Reveals iPhone 14 Release Surprise

While leaks have disclosed everything from their battery capacities to anticipated price rises, Apple's iPhone 14 range won't be available for another two months.

Apple is rumored to release a less expensive model of the iPhone 14 Pro Max in September; this model was formerly known as the "iPhone 14 Max."

However, a thorough supply chain report from analyst Omdia employs a nomenclature that is far more sensible.

David Hsieh, senior research director at Omdia, breaks with previous leaks by referring to the new device—the iPhone 13 Mini replacement—as the "iPhone 14 Plus."

This is really logical. It makes more distinction between the two 6.7-inch variants and pays homage to Apple's earlier branding for its largest phones.

Beyond this, there are other issues with the name "Max." When a device is described as being "to the max," it means that it is the finest possible version of that object, regardless of its physical size.

The meaning of the word "plus" is not overly negative; it has long been associated with "plus size," and it suggests "more" rather than "best."

Given that the majority of the iPhone 14 Pro enhancements won't be available to normal iPhone 14 models, this would be a better fit.