‘My friends and family say I’m rich.’ I’m 26 and make $100K a year living in St. Louis, where I pay $850 in rent.

I'm a 26-year-old pharmacist who lives in St. Louis and makes roughly $100,000 a year, or $5600 a month after taxes. I make the maximum match contribution to my employer's 401(k), which is 4 percent.

For emergency finances, I currently have roughly $25,000 in my savings account.

I share my $850/month rent with my partner, and I don't have any credit card or auto payments.

However, I left school having borrowed $148,000 in total, with a 5–6% average interest rate (though still in the interest-free period).

Since graduating, I have been making payments of $4,000 a month to reduce the balance to the present $113,000 amount.

First things first, though: You're a strong saver, and for that, you should be applauded. This may be the reason why things seem tight.

To avoid mortgage insurance, you might wish to put down a minimum of 20%, which would require you to save an additional $100,000 on top of your emergency fund.

However, not everybody holds that belief. Additionally, with such a healthy income flow, it could be prudent to think about refinancing your student debts.