My 4 step ‘SDTK’ trick is the secret to quickly and painlessly clearing out your home

An easy-to-follow four-step method for decluttering has been revealed by an expert.

The host of the HGTV program Hot Mess House, Cassandra Aarssen, has created a four-step decluttering method.

Aarssen has been successful in clearing out a property in a single day when working with other homeowners.

Aarssen advises beginning with a box and lots of garbage bags for homeowners or tenants who want to organize their dwellings.

She suggested having four bins with the labels "sell or donate, does not belong, throw, and retain" in a recent video to effectively arrange the chaos.

In order to effectively declutter, the HGTV personality recommends against the impulse to remove everything and organize everything.

She suggests that you remove one piece of clothes at a time from the closet before deciding whether or not to keep it rather than making a mess and removing everything at once.