Mike Pence is going right after Donald Trump in Arizona

Mike Pence appears to have come to the conclusion that Donald Trump is the only person who can defeat him.

Trump's former vice president is delivering a direct challenge by supporting him in crucial elections in states that were fiercely disputed in the 2020 election, in contrast to many of his potential 2024 rivals.

Pence's most recent action was to support Republican Karrin Taylor Robson in her bid for governor of Arizona.

Pence's decision pits him squarely against Trump, who is endorsing former local TV host Kari Lake in the state's primary on August 2.

Few can combat the Fake News Media like Kari, according to Trump, who announced his support for her last October.

One of Trump's most prominent supporters, Lake has backed his phony claims of election fraud.

She has even gone so far as to call Robson's denial that Trump's election was stolen "disqualifying"

Therefore, it is correct to see Pence's decision to support Robson as an effort to confirm that the 2020 election was, in fact, free and fair rather than just a rejection of a Trump-backed candidate.