MAX YOUR CASHBACK ways to supercharge your cashback from grocery shopping to holidays

You may earn money back on nearly anything, from grocery shopping to planning summer vacations.

You may earn hundreds or even thousands of pounds by using cashback websites, apps, and cards. TopCashback, for example, claims that the average member earns £345 per year.

By layering where possible, you can increase the value of your reward. Use a cashback website, then pay with a cashback credit card and accumulate points as usual with loyalty cards like Nectar or Boots Advantage.

ADD TO YOUR PROFITS BY REFERRING FRIENDS... and they'll thank you when their own cashback begins to arrive.

For a recommendation, KidStart and Airtime Rewards pay up to £5, while TopCashback pays up to £30.

If you buy gift cards or credit for companies where you know you would shop, you can obtain even more generous payback rates.

This method is useful if you know you'll be shopping at Asda for groceries, or if you're preparing to buy a new washing machine at Currys.

Snap your receipt with apps like HuYu and Shoppix to earn rewards on your weekly shopping. You can collect up to 30 receipts per week, and you'll typically receive 30 tokens for each one.