March House is a sustainable, future-proof home by the River Thames

If it is Knox Bhavan's new March House's clean, modernist shapes that first mark it as an excellent contemporary house.

The building's strong sustainability credentials and picturesque countryside setting are sure to cement its reputation as a graceful yet forward-thinking piece of residential design.

The project, which was just built on a natural floodplain on the banks of the River Thames in the United Kingdom, is a smartly prefabricated, flood- and future-proof home that introduces sustainable design to this scenic stretch of the river.

March House is a private residence built with a modern prefabricated cassette technology.

Knox Bhavan, based in London, collaborated with BlokBuild, a modular manufacturer, and Price & Myers, an engineering firm, to develop this technique.

According to the team, the goal was to create a sustainable home that 'would endure the site's expected increased flood risk for the next 100 years, offering a feasible design alternative for building on flood-prone locations.'

A garden and orchard established by the client and maintained during the construction phase are beneath it.

The structure is insulated and coated with stained larch, emphasizing verticality and lightness while referencing the surrounding natural elements.