Many in Seattle face exceedingly long wait times to get a passport

With airline schedules in turmoil and exorbitant petrol prices, it's a challenging time to travel, but the difficulties are compounded if you require a passport.

On Tuesday, a sizable throng gathered in front of the passport office in Seattle.

In an effort to acquire an appointment, several people had been waiting since before the doors even opened at 8 a.m.

Others waited despite the fact that their appointment time had passed.

I won't be late for my appointment, "Greg Cook, who got there around 30 minutes early for his 1 p.m. appointment, remarked. "I feel like I've missed my appointment.

Cook is in an awkward situation. He arrived in Seattle the day before July 4 in order to obtain an urgent passport. He lost his passport while traveling to Mexico with his dog.

When he misplaced his passport, he was unable to catch up with his dog, who was going ahead of him.

To see his dog, he needs to cross the border as soon as possible.

He and others said that occasionally you'll discover an appointment, but by the time you go through the accompanying questions, it may already be full.