I’m being taken advantage of by my own husband’: I pay all the bills and gave the down payment for our home, and all he does is buy stuff and contribute to his 401(k)

I've been married for nearly a decade. My spouse persuaded me to stop working after the first year or so of our marriage, which I now regret.

My mother died a few years ago, leaving me a little legacy of roughly $60,000. We decided to put some of this money toward a down payment on a home.

My spouse and I both had bad credit lines on our reports, so I paid them off. I informed him that in order to establish credit, we'd probably need a couple credit cards for little purchases and payments.

He disregarded me until a lender gave him the same advise, recommending that I be added as an authorized user to two of his cards so that we could both develop credit. He did not take this advise into consideration.

We located a home we liked, but he refused to put me on the mortgage since my credit was insufficient.

Despite this, I paid the down payment, closing charges, moving costs, last bills at the previous house, furniture for the new house, and supported us for the first two months.

I also returned to work, and as a self-employed person, I earn nearly as much as he does per year. Even though I am not on the loan, I am on the title deed, therefore I continue to make mortgage payments.

Our property's worth has risen considerably as a result of our good fortune, so we decided to take out a small home equity loan to cover a few repairs.