I’m a money savings expert – the junk items Dollar Tree shoppers should avoid buying and ALWAYS get in another store

Dollar Tree customers have been advised to "think twice" before purchasing any old rubbish things.

So, step away from the bargain bin and listen as a money-saving expert discusses what to avoid and what to look for at legal stores.

$1 Tree stores, according to Lia Sestric of Yahoo! News, provide fantastic prices, and "you could be tempted to splurge for products that aren't on your shopping list simply because they cost a dollar or two."

However, before reaching for your payment card, she advises double-checking because some things are of "questionable quality."

According to Sestric, experts have identified "chemicals of concern" in various goods, citing consumer studies and a study by the 2021 Campaign for Healthier Solutions.

Although, in recent years, the quality of certain house-label products has improved.

The Campaign for Healthier Solutions is a coalition of over 100 health, community, and environmental justice groups from throughout the country.