If you can spot the animal hidden in this optical illusion within 5 seconds then you’re a genius

Can you identify the animal that is depicted inside the mass of black and white bars?

You can use a few techniques, including shaking your head while you look at it or angling your body, to help you see the hidden creature.

Staring at the grid while stepping away from your phone or computer seems to be the most effective.

The furry face should become more distinct the more away you are.

Here's a hint if you're still having trouble: It is a common domestic pet that the ancient Egyptians idolized.

A cat, of course, is the answer. Now that you are aware of the answer, try returning to the image: It should be easier to spot the feline.

It's a fresh take on the well-known Magic Eye illusions, which masked 3D images with swirls of dots or lines.

The method, he claimed, makes use of the way our brains process information.