‘I Changed 3 Grocery Shopping Habits and Saved $4,800’

This busy mom and business owner made three easy modifications to her grocery shopping habits and saved $400 each month, or nearly $5,000 annually.

Higher grocery prices are putting a strain on families all throughout the country.

Food shortages and the worst levels of inflation in the grocery store in 40 years are affecting American households.

Everything from bacon and eggs to bread and juice is significantly more expensive this year than it was last year.

Even a financial expert's budget might be strained by rising supermarket expenses.

Houston-based When increasing food expenses threatened to derail her huge financial goals, Sharita M. Humphrey, a Certified Financial Educator and the founder of Sharita M. Humphrey Consulting, decided it was time to act.

The first change is to buy in bulk.

The second change is to embrace technology.

3rd Alteration: Grocery Shopping from the Pantry