How to apply for retroactive payments if you have applied for Social Security after FRA?

In the US, there are a variety of ages at which one can apply for Social Security retirement. Each has a variety of benefits and drawbacks.

The earliest you can start is at age 62 when you apply for Social Security. However, there is also a Full Retirement Age (FRA), which is 70 years old.

At age 67, one may apply for the FRA. The beneficiary receives the full amount of the monthly benefit under this type of retirement.

These payments have extremely stringent requirements, yet they are very likely. Most likely, if you apply for Social Security retirement before turning 70, you will be eligible to request back benefits from the SSA.

By doing this, you can get payments for up to six months. You must submit your request for this kind of back pay along with your retirement application.

These payments typically won't start to take effect until January of the following year.

As a result, you will begin receiving Social Security benefits for retirement. After that, starting in January, if you applied to recover the back payments, you will benefit from a higher sum of money.

You can get assistance with this from your neighborhood office, however a lawyer might also be useful.